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The Karuna Institute, founded by Maura and Franklyn Sills in 1984, is an international residential Training and Retreat Centre. All the activities of the Institute are based on mindfulness practice. As such, Karuna is one of the oldest Centres worldwide to integrate and teach mindfulness practices as professional healing skills in the west. We offer trainings in Core Process Psychotherapy and Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy with both streams leading to professional qualifications.

Core Process Psychotherapy
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Craniosacral Biodynamics
Other Courses and Overseas trainings
We also offer retreats for silence and re-connection with ourselves; time for just 'being', with all the possibilities that can unfold from that experience. The combination of the stunning position and the uniqueness of the teaching has made Karuna Institute renowned throughout the world as a centre for residential training and retreats. The Institute provides opportunities for deepening embodied awareness and cultivating presence and open-heartedness in relationship.
CPP Diploma in Relational Mindfulness
15-20 November 2015 and 7-12 February 2016

Tutor: Maura Sills, Karuna Founder and Director

Each seminar provides 40 CPD hours.
MA Programmes 2015 intake:

4-year MA Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy and 3-year MA Mindfulness Based Psychotherapeutic Practice *We are currently processing applications so please do apply now to avoid disappointment*

Kum Nye One Year Foundation Training and Individual Retreats
Next retreat 5-10 July 2015 "Inherent States of Wellbeing"
**NB: only 6 places left on this retreat**

CPP Introductory Workshops
DEVON: 17-19 July 2015 and 4-6 September 2015
Cost: £185 per workshop fully residential
SCOTLAND : 11&12 July 2015 Cost: £120 non-residential
CPP Foundation Trainings :
LONDON : 30 & 31 May and 18 & 19 July 2015 
SCOTLAND :28/29/30 August and 11/12/13 September 2015 Tutor: Maura Sills, Founder & Director
Prerequisite to joining the 4-year MA  in 2015
Craniosacral Introductory Workshops 2015
3-5 July 2015 and 11-13 September 2015
Cost: £185 per workshop fully residential
Craniosacral Two-Year Professional Training starting Oct 2015
*We are currently processing applications for this training so please apply now to avoid disappointment*
Tutors: Franklyn Sills Director
and Staff
William Emerson
A Five-Day FULLY RESIDENTIAL Workshop with William Emerson Ph.D
"Resolving Early Developmental Trauma with Spiritual and Psychological Approaches"
Supported by Desiree Hansson and Sue Taylor

Dates: 23-28 August 2015
The Latest Information for International Students

The Karuna Institute has long been a home to students coming to attend our courses from outside of the United Kingdom.
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