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Craniosacral Biodynamics
Craniosacral Biodynamics Application Process

Craniosacral Biodynamics Application Process

The professional training course is ideally suited for practitioners in orthodox or complementary fields of medicine or therapy, although suitable students without a practitioner background are also eligible for admission.

Knowledge of anatomy and physiology is a requirement. If applicants do not have a suitable A&P background, then Anatomy and Physiology courses can be undertaken at the same time as the professional training. Experience in some form of body-oriented therapy is recommended. Places in the course are limited. A personal interview at Karuna will be required if distance permits, otherwise Skype or phone interviews will be available. Admission is at the discretion of the tutor team.

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Highly Recommended

"Franklyn is truly masterful in articulating and clarifying the inherent forces that he has illuminated as Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy. He brings both meditation and healing together and forges the art of true healing in a simple yet profound manner. For his teaching I am truly grateful."

Tez Sawicki, Craniosacral Advanced Courses

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