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Creative Formations – Saṅkhāra – with Ajahn Sucitto

Bodhi Institute Course Reference: 1609BUPS02

Five-day residential course at the Karuna Institute, Devon UK

Ajahn Sucitto The Sanghathera and senior incumbent of Cittaviveka monastery in West Sussex.

Dates: 12 – 16 September 2016


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Please do so via The Bodhi Institute website: www.bodhi-institute.org

Early Buddhist Psychology – Creative Formations – Saṅkhāra

‘All sankhārā are impermanent, apply yourselves with diligence’: the last words of the Buddha. ‘Sankhārā’ is one of the most commonly used and questionably translated terms in the Pāli Canon. As it refers to the activities that govern body, speech/thought, and mind/heart, it is also one of the most crucial themes to focus on for clarity, composure and liberation.
In this retreat, Ajahn Sucitto will present teachings on sankhārā (which he calls ‘programs’) and offer guidance on how meditation can help us to handle them skilfully. The retreat will have regular periods for meditation as well as talks and discussion

Ajahn Sucitto

Ajahn Sucitto was born in London; he entered monastic life in Thailand in 1975 but since 1978 has been based in Britain. He has been teaching Dhamma since 1980, both in meditation retreats and in talks given regularly in the monasteries.
He has written a number of books and teaches worldwide. Since 1992 he has been the Sanghathera and senior incumbent of Cittaviveka monastery in West Sussex.

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