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The Prenatal Person: Seminar Content:

Seminar 1: Establishing a Field of Relationship and Enquiry

  • Introduction to mindfulness and Continuum Movement as a ground for embodied exploration.
  • Establishing a field of relational mindfulness and the nature of the safe holding field, with concepts from psychoanalysts Frank Lake, Donald Winnicott and Ronald Fairbairn.
  • Introduction to enquiry into early experience and the nature of umbilical affect.
  • Accessing the womb experience and the inner prenate within present time.

Seminar 2: The Preconception-Conception Journey

  • Introduction to early memory and learning, exploring cellular sentience.
  • Introduction to the nature of conception/coming into this world and how this relates to our present life.
  • Introduction to interpersonal skills in meeting states of trauma, activation and hyper-arousal states.
  • Exploring the preconception-conception journey and the embryo within, entering the familial and ancestral field.

Seminar 3: Exploring Umbilical Affect and the Implantation Journey

  • Introduction to and exploration of the implantation journey and lifelong relational effects.
  • Re-visiting umbilical affect.
  • Introduction to relational dynamics of Discovery.
  • Continuing trauma skills: hypo-arousal states.

Seminar 4: Birth Dynamics

  • Introduction and exploration of birth process, stages of birth, birth patterns and psychological/psycho-emotional correlates.
  • The possible life-long repercussions of birthing process and impacts on personality formation and relational tendencies.
  • Continuing trauma skills: dissociation and relational disconnection.

Seminar 5: Early Developmental Processes and the Emerging Self System

  • Introduction to developmental paradigms from Frank Lake and Ronald Fairbairn, how our self-system and the need to protect arises out of early experience.
  • Experience of twin dynamics, early loss and double bind states.
  • Exploring the nature of the defended aspects of personality and their early origins.

Seminar 6: The Third Trimester and Postnatal Dynamics

  • Introduction and exploration of attachment processes.
  • Introduction to supporting new families and welcoming new life.
  • Review and facilitating our transition out of the training.
  • Open session explorations.
  • Completions and celebration.
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