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William Emerson workshop at Karuna

The Prenatal Person:

An Exploration in Prenatal and Birth Experience Within Clinical Practice
Composed of 6 x 5 day seminars held at The Karuna Institute

Franklyn Sills MA, UKCP, RCST, BCST Founder and co-Director of the Karuna Institute and Cherionna Menzam Sills PhD, RSMT, RCST, BCST, senior biodynamic teacher, somatic psychotherapist, pre- and perinatal therapist and continuum teacher.

Seminar 1: 19 - 24 March 2017
Seminar 2: 9 - 14 July 2017
Seminar 3: 12-17 November 2017
Seminar 4: 21-26 January 2018
Seminar 5: 15-20 April 2018 
Seminar 6: 15-20 July 2018

Cost: £3900 Deposit: £750 (required to secure your place)

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Course Description:

The Prenatal Person is a postgraduate training for practitioners who wish to extend their therapeutic practice or deepen their understanding of pre- and perinatal psychology and therapy approaches. It orients to the most primal period of personal and interpersonal development, the first 18 months of life from conception to nine months or so after birth. Participants will explore their own early life experience within the context of relational skills from Core Process Psychotherapy, somatic process work, prenatal and birth access work, Continuum Movement, and Buddhist self-psychology and mindfulness practices. The overall framework for the training is grounded in the work of Dr. Frank Lake, one of the fathers of pre- and perinatal psychology, in the visionary work of Dr. William Emerson, a true pioneer in the field and in the unique process oriented work of Dr. Raymond Castellino, with important developmental understandings from pioneering psychoanalysts Ronald Fairbairn, Donald Winnicott and Daniel Stern. All theory is offered in the context of applied mindfulness through relational exercises, somatic enquries, and therapeutic explorations. This training is open to practising psychotherapists and complementary and orthodox health professionals.

Franklyn Sills

Franklyn Sills is a registered UKCP psychotherapist and Co-Director of the Karuna Institute, lectures on the Core Process Psychotherapy Training, with specialist input in pre- and perinatal psychology and trauma skills. He has been involved in pre- and perinatal psychology and related healing work for over thirty years. He has studied and worked with Dr. William Emerson, one of the true pioneers in Pre- and Perinatal Psychology. He has also developed and co-ordinates the Karuna Institute Training in Craniosacral Biodynamics and is a pioneer in that field. His published books include: Being and Becoming, psychodynamics, Buddhism and the origin of selfhood; and Foundations in Craniosacral Biodynamics volumes one and two.

Cherionna Menzam-Sills

Cherionna Menzam-Sills has been a somatic psychotherapist and prenatal and birth therapist for over twenty years. She is also a biodynamic craniosacral therapist and teacher, and has her PhD in Pre- and Perinatal Psychology. She has studied and worked extensively with leaders in the field, Dr. William Emerson and Ray Castellino, and has taught graduate students in Somatic Psychology and Prenatal and Birth Psychology at Naropa University and the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. Cherionna is also a Continuum Movement teacher, a form of movement work that facilitates moving beyond conditioned form by accessing deeper embryological potential and fluidity.

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