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MA Programme : MA in Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy.
**We are currently finalizing our 2017 Application Form which will soon be published on the website - to register your interest please contact Jacqui Aplin**



In order to be eligible for the training course, applicants must attend either a Foundation or Diploma course.   An undergraduate degree (an honours degree) or  ability to work at this level is also required.  The course is taught at Level 7 (Masters Level).  The MA and accreditation are normally achieved in 5-8 years.

The Course:

Our four-year MA course in Core Process Psychotherapy has been developed over a 30-year period and is one of the world's original mindfulness-based forms of psychotherapy.  In Core Process Psychotherapy, mindfulness practice is extended into the therapeutic relationship as a process of mutual enquiry.  The training course is an in-depth immersion into personal and interpersonal process that assumes inherent health within all aspects of experience.  The course uniquely integrates Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practice with Western psychodynamics and psychotherapy practice and leads to ful professional qualifications and accreditation.

The first three years:

The first three years of the course are comprised of residential weekens and five-day modules over a three-year period, which offers a profound opportunity to deeply investigate the nature of suffering and to develop capacities of compassion and wisdom in relationship.  The process of offering a contemplative approach to psychotherapy is facilitated through lectures, skills practice and exchange sessions within the context of personal, interpersonal and group enquiry.  This is a special learning opportunity developed at Karuna, which involves undertaking structured interpersonal exchange sessions with colleagues in a small group setting.  This process is carefully set up so that participants have the opportunity of practising mindfulness-based skills in a safe interactive environment, while receiving feedback on this work, before starting to work with practice clients.

As far as we are aware, the nature of this training programme is unique to Karuna.  From the beginning, the programme develops the student's sensitivity, learning ability, personal responsibility to self and others, along with the ability to mindfully give and receive feedback.  All of this strengthens the student's ability to attend to the subtle material arising in a joint psychotherapy process.

The course emphasises the fundamental interconnectedness of our individual experience and - using this ground - deeply enquires into the nature of relationship, personality, suffering and healing.  In this endeavour, the training group learns to cultivate and deepen personal and interpersonal awareness as a primary psychotherapeutic and transofrmational tool.  In this endeavour, students are required to undertake 18 small group exchange sessions per year during years 1-3.

Students begin to see clients in the second year in public placements.  At the point of graduation students will gain a Masters Degree validated by Middlesex University.   Students can also then continue through our clinical pathway and achieve accreditation with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) as Psychotherapists.

For many years, students have experienced our four-year MA to be a life-changing journey, which has led to both profound personal transformation as well as professional qualifications.  We aim to support students through this journey on the path towards a truly meaningful and compassionate professional engagement.

A Welcome to our Overseas Students:

We extend a very warm welcome to our students who attend our trainings on a part-time basis from all over the world.  We have been fortunate to host students from many different countries and cultures, and this has greatly enriched us all.  We are able to offer this through our ongoing accreditation with the BAC.  If you are living overseas while attending this programme, you will want to speak to your tutors about all kinds of issues from finding appropraite support structures in your own country to sending your written work to the Institute.  We hope and trust that you will feel safe and supported while you are here.  If there is something that you need, your tutor is usually the first person you should contact.  We are also required to keep a record of your attendance and of when you arrive and leave the UK.

There are specific issues of practising in your home country that you will need to discuss with us, as well as your choice of psychotherapist and supervisor.  In addition to finding skilled registered psychotherapists in your country who can support you, you will also need a proportion of your personal psychotherapy and supervision with approved Core Process practitioners.  The arrangements for this will be individual to you, in order to establish the best way of supporting you to meet ther equirements for graduation.  Students need to be proficient in English and to be able to work at Masters Degree Level (Level 7) : IELTS 6.5 (International English Language Testing System)

Clinical Pathway:

For those trainees who wish to go on to become an Accredited Core Process Psychotherapist, this is a fourth year in addition to the three years of the MA Professional Training. Members of different trainings and training years come together at this last stage. To enter this year trainees are required to have attained a minimum number of client hours. Active supervision, practiced using the Core Process Supervision Model, provides the basis for a learning process involving trainees, supervisors and tutors. Theoretical input is selected to meet the clinical practice needs of the group, and to provide key updates on nationally recognised models of good practice.

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