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Craniosacral Biodynamics
Craniosacral Biodynamics

Craniosacral Biodynamics

Craniosacral Biodynamics is an approach to the teaching and practice of Craniosacral Therapy that acknowledges the deepest foundations of the human system.

We, as human beings, are seen to be an expression of the wholeness of life itself, and are not separate from the vast forces at work throughout the universe. In this concept, a spiritual essence called the Breath of Life is perceived to generate a subtle tide-like ordering and organizing principle called primary respiration that manifests as a biodynamic life force or potency within the human system.

This intrinsic health integrates all cellular and tissue form and function, from the moment of conception until death, and is constantly at work maintaining the best possible balance and homeostasis even in the most desperate circumstances.

The intention of biodynamic clinical work is to re-establish the relationship between inertial or conditioned mind-body states and the intrinsic health of primary respiration.

This work is founded on:

Our students are drawn from within the United Kingdom, the European Union and from around the world. For more information on being an overseas student please visit the 'About Karuna' page.

Franklyn Sills has pioneered the theoretical and clinical teaching approaches used in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. He acknowledges the help of Karuna Institute staff in the development of his thinking. His work has influenced trainings around the world.

For more information about Craniosacral Biodynamics see: www.craniosacral-biodynamics.org

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