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International Students


International Students

"As a person coming from abroad with a lot of anxiety about how the programme would meet my professional need, I found this program tremendously helpful and beneficial. I appreciate the generosity and welcoming that I got from the students, the tutors and the place, it felt like it was really a second home for me."
Eran Cohen (Israel).

The Karuna Institute has long been a home to students coming to attend our courses from outside of the United Kingdom. We welcome students from across the European Union and with our British Accreditation Council (BAC) Accreditation we are able to accept students from around the world. We aim to provide students from abroad a warm welcome and a sense of home. We are experienced in meeting the needs of those travelling from far away and coming from different cultures. We are also experienced in adapting the criteria of our courses to meet the needs of those students who come from overseas and making their journey to Karuna and through our trainings, as smooth as possible. We would like your experience of being with us to feel as if you have indeed found a second home.

The Karuna Institute welcomes multicultural diversity. It is not necessary to come from any particular cultural, spiritual or religious background to attend our courses. We have had students from many different faiths and cultures attend our trainings and this is always to the enrichment of our work. Our training courses are run in English.

The Karuna Institute also hosts student groups who arrange courses from outside the United Kingdom and travel to us as a group for either one off, or a series of courses. These groups can come from anywhere in the world and normally bring their own translator with them.

We look forward to welcoming you to Dartmoor and to our Institute and we firmly believe we can make your visit with us a meaningful and wonderful experience.

Please note: this only applies to international students attending residential courses held at the Karuna Institute, Devon and does not apply to non-residential courses or trainings.

Student visitor visa to study at Karuna Institute

Karuna is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), an organization recognized by the UK Border Agency, and this means that if you obtain a place at Karuna and need a visa to travel to the UK you are eligible to apply for a Student's Visitor Visa (details can be found at : https://www.gov.uk/study-visit-visa You may need to make this application in your home country, and you may need to do this ahead of your intended visit.  You might want to check with the UK Border Agency, firstly by looking at their web pages (their guidance changes on a regular basis) or you may enquire at the nearest UK Consular agency in your country.

Students visit visas are granted for a maximum period of stay for 6 months only and Repeat Student Visitor Visas can be granted and it is possible to complete our MA programmes by applying for and being granted successive student visitor visas.

If the course that you want to study requires you to have supervised practice and personal therapy we can negotiate this with you.

We regret that neither Middlesex University nor Karuna can act as a sponsor for residence in the UK on an educational visa.

You do not need a visa to study if you are an EU national or have a passport issued by some other countries in the European Economica Area.

English Fluency

Applicants whose first language is not English must provide evidence of English fluency at Masters degree level (Level 7) : IELTS 6.5 (International Language Testing System)

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