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Kum Nye
Two Year Foundation Training
2018-20 - Italy
Kum Nye Training Italy
Kum-Nye Foundation Training Italy

Kum Nye One Year Foundation Training 2018-20 - Italy

and individually offered retreats

Location: The retreats be held in the beatuiful frame of the Hermitage of Montecastello (BS), on Lake Garda

Teachers: Maura Sills, co-Founder and Director

Cost: €560 + €25 pa registration plus DANA for the teacher and translator

*Retreats are also open to people not on Training:

Each Retreat:Cost: €160 + €25 pa registration Plus DANA

Booking: Click here for booking details

Please note: The above cost only covers the residential and administration costs, therefore, DANA for the Teacher is welcomed.

Kum Nye Two Year Foundation Training 2018-20

and individually offered retreats.


To offer the practices for those who may want to deepen their personal Kum Nye meditative practice. This may be extended to those practitioners who wish to offer introductory classes in Kum Nye. The training will continue to be offered in Noble Silence but will include opportunities to extend a theoretical understanding of the psychospiritual practice within the Buddhist paradigm and a Western psychodynamic orientation.

Module One : “Embodied Presence”

Most of us are not fully met at a being level when we first need to be and we come to identify as a separate and fixed self which has cut loose from its deeper moorings in being and source. In this embodied life however, we have access to subliminal depths through an ever present faculty of awareness which can be cultivated through mindfulness practices. During this retreat practices will help reveal and cultivate these subliminal depths. Entering this field requires a willingness to work with the non-cognitive, non-separate aspects of our human embodiment and to explore the depth of healing and transformation that can arise in this territory.

For many of us in the West, the capacity for accessing these aspects of ourselves has been attenuated by a culture and tradition which separates not only mind from the body but also self from other. That such experiences of subtle contact and change can occur as often as they do, despite the limiting characteristics of our conditioning, testifies to the resilience of this part of our nature.

Module Two : “Elemental Energies”

These archetypal energies will be explored through the Kum Nye practices and in nature. Earth, water, fire, air and ether offer a portal from the personal to the living sentience of our planet. These primordial relationships can open us to a deeper quality of balance.

Module Three : “Paramitas and Inherent States of Wellbeing”

During this retreat we will include practices from Kum Nye and Mindfulness that help us cultivate generosity; discipline; patience; diligence; concentration and wisdom. The Buddha spoke about ten perfections or parami. Later these were described as six perfections within Mahayana Buddhism. Whether ten or six, these qualities were recognized as needing to be cultivated in order to become fully self-awakened.

This retreat concentrates on the embodiment of interconnection; belonging; attunement; acceptance and generosity. We will include the Four Sublime States of Love (metta); Compassion (karuna); Sympathetic Joy (mudita) and Equanimity (upekkha).

Module Four : “The Subtle and Subliminal Field of Interbeing”

The subtle and subliminal qualities of embodied mind will be cultivated to re-sensitize us to aspects of our human beingness. This may help us expand our awareness beyond the usual boundaries of thought, imagination and looking. This supports us in knowing an embodied sense of belonging, interconnection and deepening ethical relationship to others, nature and the great mystery of our less conditioned mind.


Maura Sills is the Founder of Core Process Psychotherapy which offers an innovative psycho-spiritual approach to therapy. The Karuna Institute integrates western psychotherapeutic models with Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practices. Drawing on over 30 years of experience, Core Process Psychotherapy offers a depth understanding of what helps and hinders healing insight and transformation.

Maura is an Honorary Fellow of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and Director of Training at the Karuna Institute which offers Master Degree Programmes in Buddhist Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy along with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Retreat.


The retreats be held in the beatuiful frame of the Hermitage of Montecastello (BS), on Lake Garda, in the following dates:

November 25 - 30 2018
May 17 - 22 2019
September 30 - October 5 2019
March 17 - 22 2020

Every Retreat will start at 3 pm of the first day and will finish with the lunch of the last day.


The cost of the training is 560 € plus 25 euros each year for the annual registration to the organization. The cost of a single retreat is 160 € plus 25 euros for the registration in the organization, which has to be paid at the moment of the enrollement to secure the booking and is non-refundable (however in case of withdrawal within 10 weeks before the beginning of the retreat it will be possible to recover the partecipation fee using it for other events).
Please note: this cost only covers the administration costs and travel expenses for the teacher and the translator.

For the teacher and the translator there will be a dana.
The cost for room and board is 60 euros per day (full board in single rooms) and it will be paid locally. It is possible to pay through cards.

The payment of the partecipation fee plus registration to the organization has to be done through bank transfer to:

Associazione Mudita c/o Banca Prossima
Iban: IT30I033 5901 6001 0000 0128 339
Causal: Surname and Name of the partecipant- Kum Nye Training (or Retreat) with Maura Sills.

For further information please contact us at the following address: ritirikumnye@associazionemudita.org


Guidelines for Dana – excerpts from Gaia House, Newton Abbot

Dana means "generosity" and "giving" in Pali, the language in which the Buddha's teachings were originally recorded. The Buddha regularly emphasized in his teaching the value of generosity and sharing what we have with others, as an essential practice of cultivating happiness and wellbeing.
Dana is a foundation principle underlying the running of Retreats, and also at other Insight Meditation centres and Buddhist monasteries, around the world. This follows a two and a half thousand year-old tradition in the transmission of the dharma.
In order to make this opportunity to practice as accessible as possible, the Karuna Institute seeks to keep costs to a minimum. The charge you paid to attend this retreat covers only the ongoing costs of running the centre, including: food; heating; electricity; water; administration etc. The teachers serve and support your retreat out of kindness and generosity: they are not paid for the work they do.
As your time here comes to an end, you have the opportunity to support the teachers who have supported your retreat.
The Buddha encouraged dana and generosity, in recognition of our interdependence, and as a wholesome practice which helps release the heart and mind from greed and negativity. In receiving with gratitude, and giving with generosity, we become more fully conscious participants in the interconnected web of life that supports us all.
Take it as a practice: there is no expected "right amount", so please listen to your heart and give what you are moved to offer, while also respecting your practical circumstances. Please give generously: your dana ensures the continued transmission of the dharma teachings, and their accessibility to all who wish to receive them. The Directors and Teachers at the Karuna Institute deeply appreciate and thank you for your kindness and generosity.

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