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How do I find more information? I know very little at present.

Our teaching staff is happy to talk to you on the phone about our courses and answer any questions you may have. Please call our office on 01647 221457 and ask for a member of staff to contact you.

Could you recommend some books as well?

We recommend you read Being and Becoming by Franklyn Sills. This book is available on the Resources page of our website.

What is the difference between the two MA programmes?

The three year MA is designed to be a complete training suitable to anybody regardless of previous experience. It offers a wider curriculum and also results in the potential to attain both BACP and UKCP accreditation. The Post Qualification Masters is aimed at those who have already got some experience of working in a one to one setting. It is a sometimes completed by those who wish to integrate the work of Karuna into their current professions as well as leading to full UKCP accreditation through our clinical pathway.

What are the entry requirements for the two MA programmes?

The three year MA entry requirement is the completion of a Foundation Course, or a Diploma, or an Equivalent Course. Attendance of an Introductory Weekend may be considered sufficient where there is evidence of extended time in personal therapy, retreat time or previous experience in working or training in Counselling or Psychotherapy.

The Post Qualification Masters Degree is for those who can evidence some previous experience of one to one work. This may be Counsellors, or those teaching and training in related environments, or for those working with people in various settings on a one to one basis. There is not pre-requisite course required. Admission to the course is by Interview

Our staff our available to talk to you about any questions you may have about out MA programmes.

Why do your courses seem so expensive?

The Karuna Institute may be unique in offering a fully residential depth psychotherapy training. We believe that the tuition fees that we charge are very competitive compared to other depth training We also believe that although the over-all fee including residential costs seems high, in fact you would pay out a similar amount in accommodation and food when attending a non-residential course. We firmly believe that the benefits to your training of the residential aspect of our courses, is priceless.

What is the difference between BACP and UKCP registration/accreditation?

BACP Accreditation is historically more recognised in the public sector and may offer more opportunities for public sector employment. The training requirements for BACP are less than those of UKCP. UKCP is a highly accredited standard and often associated with those practicing in private practice. This is not fixed and both accreditations are widely recognised.

Is there any financial help available to help with course costs?

Unfortunately there is no financial help available from us to cover the cost of you training.

How long does it take to become a Psychotherapist?

Different students take different amount of time to become Psychotherapists. Normally people take between four to eight years to fully accredit with either BACP or UKCP.

Do I have to find accommodation throughout the course?

No all of our courses are fully residential. This is one of the great benefits of attending the Karuna Institute – the residential setting deepens the level of training you will receive while being here.

Can I have a single room?

Students share rooms with between one and three other students of the same gender at the Institute. We have some room for those with walking disabilities too. Although sometimes challenging we find that sharing accommodation creates deep levels of friendship as well as allows for the exploration of inter-personal process

How many places are there on each course?

Our courses normally run with about 12 to 18 students on each course

Can I attend your courses if I live outside of the UK?

Yes our students come from all around the world. We accept students from the UK, the European Union and from across the world. Please see our section called International Students in the 'About Karuna' part of the website.

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